We service all bike brands

Looking for a bike service in Bristol? Look no further - we'll keep your bike in tip-top condition. At the Giant Store Bristol we're cycling experts and our skilled bike mechanics work in a modern well equipped workshop at our store in Bradley Stoke. 

We service all types of bicycles, not just Giants. From a wheel true to a major overhaul or frameset build up, we do it all. So call in today or contact us to book an appointment.


Gold Service

Recommended after 12-18 months of riding or 3000 miles. Plan includes Bronze and Silver package, plus the following:

  • Full bike wash and detail clean
  • Drivetrain removed and cleaned
  • Brakes removed and cleaned
  • Seatpost removed, cleaned and re-greased
  • Wheels inspected, trued and re-tensioned, tyres inflated to recommended PSI
  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket adjusted and re-greased where necessary

Silver Service

Recommended after 6-12 months of riding or 1500 miles. Plan includes the Bronze package plus:

  • Frame inspection
  • Drivetrain removed and degreased
  • Gears serviced and fully set up (new cables fitted where necessary at additional cost)
  • Hubs checked and adjusted
  • Wheels re-tensioned and trued, tyres inflated to recommended PSI

Bronze Service

Recommended after 6-9 months of riding: Basic service and safety check including:

  • Visual inspection of the bike
  • Gears checked and re-adjusted
  • Brakes re-tensioned and adjusted
  • Chain checked and lubricated
  • Wheels inspected, tyres inflated to recommended PSI
  • Full safety check, all components checked and torqued to manufactures specification

Safety Check


Tube/Tyre Replacement

From £5

Rim Brake Service

From £10

Disc Brake Bleed

From £15

Gear Service


Fit Headset / Bottom Bracket

From £15

Wheel True (Plus Spokes)

From £15

Wheel Build (Plus Spokes)


Build Bike From Box


Drivetrain Degrease